A few dedicated amateur musicians in Tokyo met in 1995 and decided to make music together, to pursue eternal beauty and excitement. They named the group as Safari Orchestra.


"Safari" is originally a Swahili word meaning "explore unknown land". It is a key word for us that symbolize our activities.


Our eternal goal is to create music that is virtually alive and vibrates deep inside the mind and soul of the audience wherever and whenever played. We strive to offer such incredible moments, when musicians and the audience feel the connection. That makes us unique in our direction, compared with other orchestras. 


The Safari's Way

- Meet and share the music with domestic and global locals.

- Each and every member of the orchestra is a concert master.

Never be satisfied with the ordinary. Find or create something surprising.


In pursuit of our aspirations, we keep the orchestra small in size. We play both orchestral works and chamber music. We have performed world premieres of new compositions. We have travelled abroad to play not only in small cities in Japan but also abroad, in New York and Munich.


As most of our members are amateurs and busy with their work, we have several unique activities for the members, so that they can effectively enhance their performance skills by taking part in them. All the quality development activities are provided by Conductor Hitoshi Maezawa, former violinist of the first violin section of NHK Symphony Orchestra for 38 years. Mr. Maezawa has devoted his energies to the orchestra with passion. It is undoubtedly one of our strengths to be able to receive practical advice from Mr. Maezawa from the very first rehearsals for both orchestral and chamber music.


# We have an invitation ticket for those who is interested in listening to our music and it is free!  Please email to safariorchestra@gmail.com for the tickets. Thank you!


Season 2024  *Upcoming event for 2024!!

Saturday, October 19
Safari Orchestra 31th Regular concert

KIOI hall , Tokyo 


Season 2023

Saturday, October 28
Safari Orchestra 30th Regular concert

KIOI hall , Tokyo 


Season 2022

Saturday, October 22
Safari Orchestra 29th Regular concert

KIOI hall , Tokyo 


Season 2021

Sunday, November 6
Safari Orchestra 28th Regular concert
Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall 


Season 2020

Sunday, October 25
Safari Orchestra 27th Regular concert
KIOI hall , Tokyo 


Season 2019

Saturday, October 19
Safari Orchestra 26th Regular concert
KIOI hall , Tokyo


Season 2018

Saturday, October 27
Safari Orchestra 25th Regular concert
KIOI hall , Tokyo


Season 2017 

Saturday, February 18
Yamate Art Festival Evening Concert
Safari Chamber Orchestra Classical Night in Yokohama
British House, Yokohama


Thursday, May 4

Safari Chamber Orchestra Concert in New York

Benzaquen Hall, DiMenna Center, NYC 


Sunday, October 15

Safari The 24th Concert

Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall 

Brahms / Variations on a Theme by Haydn

Wagner / Siegfried Idyll

Schumann / Symphony No. 4


Saturday, October 28

Safari Chamber Orchestra in Niigata 

Niigata City Music & Culture Hall


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チャイコフスキー/弦楽セレナーデ2013.4.20 沖縄・南城市シュガーホールにて演奏